Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park

Punta Cana

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Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park

Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park is a private protected area owned and operated by Puntacana Ecological Foundation. About 1,500 acres of reserve await you in this tropical wonderland. Explore the several lagoons in the shape of an eye and take a dip in some of them. After, pay a visit to the zoo or the iguana habitat to have a complete experience of the fauna and the flora of the Dominican Republic. There is a possibility to visit with a guide or independently.

Do & See

Although the main attraction of Punta Cana is its luxurious beaches and world-renowned golf courses, this tropical paradise offers plenty of activities and sights on land and at sea. The caressing sun will allow you to spend some idle days of pure sunbathing, whereas the most adventurous can look for an adrenaline-boost on a zip-line or by doing thrilling water-sports . Discover unspoiled nature and mingle with the locals, sample some flavored rum, experience the mild light of the sun rising, dance intensively and behold at the spectacle of this Caribbean gem.