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At the crossroads of the Slavic, Germanic and Mediterranean cultures lies a bite-size country that boasts staggering diversity in terms of landscapes and attractions. It is a country of spectacular beauty, endless possibilities and perhaps the world’s creamiest dessert. Slovenia’s manageable size and good infrastructure mean that you can see just about the whole country in a matter of 5 days, though you’ll surely end up wanting to stay longer. From the pleasant capital, Ljubljana, to striking Lake Bled, to lazy seaside Piran, to mountain-incrusted castles and extensive networks of spellbinding Karst caves, there is no end to the wonders to be found in Slovenia.
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Despite being Slovenia’s second largest city, Maribor has the charm of a small town where nature and city live in close proximity. Embraced on all sides by lush green hills which in winter turn white and are excellent for skiing, forests and vineyards, most within an easy walk from the centre, you can sample the cafes and restaurants and stroll through the vibrant streets of the old town. But the nearby hills are a constant reminder that nature is just a few steps away and a whole world of leisure awaits you.
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Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital, captivates with its romantic bridges and scenic waterways. The city's architecture showcases its rich cultural heritage. The historic centre, at the foot of a hill topped by the iconic Ljubljana Castle, is compact and easily explored on foot or by bike. Surrounded by lush landscapes, the city offers abundant opportunities for hiking, cycling, and outdoor activities.